Welcome!  You may be looking for what neuroshaping can do for you.  We offer an innovative team approach to helping people in the Bancroft and Peterborough areas of Southern Ontario.  Dr. Alan McAllister, Psychologist, is the chief clinician on the team.  

We can help 

  • if you struggle with dysfunctional patterns of thinking, feeling and acting.
  • if you are taking medication for a problem but are still suffering.
  • if you have a problem with attention and would like an alternative to medication.
  • if you have had an injury or trauma that has changed the course of your life.
  • if you struggle with chronic pain.
  • if you lose control and panic frequently. 
  • if you are frequently irritable and angry even over the slightest thing.
  • if you worry excessively and have trouble relaxing.
  • if you are prone to guilt and regret.
  • if your mind is hardly ever present, frequently absent, some other place some other time.
  • if you seem to always think of the negative (your glass is always half empty).
  • if you lack motivation and energy.
  • if you have trouble getting to sleep, staying asleep or getting sufficient rest.
  • if stress is taking a toll on your body.
  • if you seem to be stuck and can’t move forward.
  • if you over-think and your mind doesn’t ever seem to be at peace.
  • if you tried different therapies but did not get the results you wanted.
  • if you are doing okay, but would like to do better.

We recognize the value of talk therapy, but we also know its limits. We believe that only by working with the whole person, body and mind, can true and lasting change take place. We call our approach neuroshapingThe Neuroshaping Program that we offer integrates  counselling, meditation, biofeedback and neurofeedback with strategies from other evidence-based therapies.

Our services are generally covered in whole or in part by most extended health benefit packages.  Explore our website and contact us if you would like to have more information or to make an appointment.

Each of us has a path through the seasons of life.  Our role is helping you to find the path that gives meaning and purpose to your life and leads ultimately to your happiness.