The Program

The Neuroshaping Program offered by Dr. Alan McAllister, Psychologist, and his team is designed to address developmental issues, clinical problems and optimal performance objectives. The program is flexible and founded on supportive and compassionate listening, mindfulness and mind-body awareness. According to the wishes of the client, the program incorporates elements from the three core treatment modalities–meditation, biofeedback and neurofeedback–along with strategies from the cognitive-behavioural therapy family as well as hypnosis and focusing techniques.

A typical progression through the program begins with a meeting with Dr. McAllister to get acquainted, identify goals, outline the range of services available and introduce the team providing services.  Assessments may include self-report measures, measurement of bodily responses and brain mapping (qEEG).  Meditation practice is routinely recommended to establish a base for the program. Throughout clients’ involvement, issues in their lives and ways of coping are explored with an emphasis on building resiliency skills.  

Meditation practice is guided by instruction from Dr. McAllister and from his book, The Attentive Mind Workbook: Self-healing through meditation, which he published in 2012. Starting with just a few minutes a day, clients are encouraged to build proficiency in basic focusing skills by working with the breath, eventually opening up to their experiences with an unbiased and clearly comprehending mind and opening up to others with a kind and loving heart.