Preparing for the qEEG

What to expect:  The actual recording of the qEEG takes about an hour and a half.  A cap with 19 active electrodes is normally used.  Your head will be measured and the cap of the appropriate size will be placed on your head.  A conducting solution is applied using a blunt needle to each of the sites on the cap.  The cap is then plugged into the amplifier that reads the signals given off from your brain.   The trainer observes the signals and may make adjustments to the electrodes before and during the recording.  During the recording you should be as relaxed and still as you can as tension and movement create artifacts and distort the recording.  You should not do anything special but just let your mind do whatever it normally does while the recordings are done.  For the eyes open condition, you will be asked to keep your eyes open while you look at a blank wall for approximately ten minutes.  For the eyes closed condition, you will then be asked to close your eyes and another recording will be done for ten minutes.  We only need one minute of clean, artifact-free data for the analysis, but sometimes achieving this requires doing more than one recording for each condition.  After the recordings are done, the cap will be removed and the conducting solution that remains on the scalp will be cleaned off.  Most people end up washing their hair afterward at home.  Considering wearing a hat of some sort if you will be concerned about your appearance.

There are some simple rules to observe before the assessment is done.

  1.  Wash your hair the day before the assessment.  Wash your hair at least twice.  Do not use conditioner and avoid using any hair products afterward.  
  2.  If you take prescribed medications on a regular basis, be sure to let us know beforehand.  It is best to stick to your routines as far as medications.  Avoid using any over-the-counter or optional (as needed) medications the day of the assessment.
  3. Do not use cannabis products at least three days before the recording.  THC has a profound effect on the EEG, so it should be avoided.  CBD has less effect, but CBD products usually contain some THC.  
  4. Do not use alcohol 24 hours prior to the assessment.
  5. Get a good night’s sleep the night before.  However, if insomnia is a problem for you, then let us know.
  6. If you are ill, we will reschedule your session.  Let us know if you can 24 hours ahead of time