Humans have meditated from prehistoric times. Over time, many different forms of meditation developed, presumably with specific spiritual purposes, but also because the peace and clarity found in meditation were seen as positive benefits on their own. In more recent times, meditation techniques, especially those directed at cultivating mindfulness, have been heavily researched and shown to have demonstrable benefits physiologically and psychologically.

Meditation instruction and guidance are provided by Dr. McAllister for those who have (or want to establish) a regular meditation practice. Having a regular, daily meditation practice is an essential part of mindfulness-based therapy.

Meditating figure

Dr. McAllister has over 25 years of experience with insight and Zen meditation. He has participated in retreats in many centers in North America and in Burma (now known as Myanmar) and practices the techniques he has learned and developed on a daily basis. He wrote a workbook, The Attentive Mind Workbook:  Self-healing through meditation, which is based on contemporary psychological research and theory. He leads workshops and gives talks on meditation in Bancroft and elsewhere on a regular basis. He focuses on the psychological healing that comes from practicing mindfulness meditation, but he does not neglect the spiritual values and purposes that underlie the practice of meditation. He teaches formal meditation practices while emphasizing the cultivation of mindfulness and wise attention throughout everyday life.


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