Mind Mirror

The Mind Mirror grew out of a tradition within neurofeedback that investigated meditation and altered states with the objective of monitoring and enhancing those states.  It was originally developed in England in 1976 by a physicist and Zen Master, Maxwell Cade,  with the assistance of electronics engineer Geoffrey Blundell

At the time, it was unique, a frequency analyzer that could monitor both hemispheres of the brain across different brainwave frequencies.  It resembled a modern-day computer tablet but it used analogue electronics and displayed 14 frequency bands using 16 LEDs.  It was enclosed in a wood cabinet with a handle for carrying about.

Original Mind Mirror

Its portability allowed those using it to take it directly to people that the developers were most interested in studying– meditators, mystics, psychics and healers.  It provided moment-to-moment pictures of mind states and graphic profiles of these states.  It was also a feedback device that could guide the user to achieve these advanced states.  Anna Wise was a follower of Cade and through books (The High Performance Mind:  Mastering Brainwaves for Insight, Healing, and Creativity, and The Awakened Mind:  A Guide to Harnessing the Power of Your Brainwaves) and workshops popularized this approach as an aid to meditation and the development of an awakened mind.

As computer technology evolved, the original Mind Mirror morphed into a digital sampling unit that interfaces with a computer and software to do sophisticated analysis of brainwaves and associated states of consciousness.  Versions of the Mind Mirror can be found in all major neurofeedback softwares, but the original concept is most fully developed in the Vilistus System that has a clear lineage back to Cade and Wise.  This is the system we use in our practice.

Awakened Mind Pattern Graphic

Mind Mirror Training Summary


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