We can help

Our team can help 

  • if you struggle with dysfunctional patterns of thinking, feeling and acting.
  • if you are taking medication for a problem but are still suffering.
  • if you have a problem with attention and would like an alternative to medication.
  • if you have had an injury or trauma that has changed the course of your life.
  • if you struggle with chronic pain.
  • if you lose control and panic frequently. 
  • if you are frequently irritable and angry even over the slightest thing.
  • if you worry excessively and have trouble relaxing.
  • if you are prone to guilt and regret.
  • if your mind is hardly ever present, frequently absent, some other place some other time.
  • if you seem to always think of the negative (your glass is always half empty).
  • if you lack motivation and energy.
  • if you have trouble getting to sleep, staying asleep or getting sufficient rest.
  • if stress is taking a toll on your body.
  • if you seem to be stuck and can’t move forward.
  • if you over-think and your mind doesn’t ever seem to be at peace.
  • if you tried different therapies but did not get the results you wanted.
  • if you are doing okay, but would like to do better.
  • if you are curious about the relationship of mind and body and would like to see how it can be measured objectively.
  • if you wish to learn how to meditate or advance your meditation practice.

We invite you to explore our Neuroshaping Services to see what best meets your needs.